Slacking on the Blog Front

I’ve been slacking in writing new posts.  But, it has been a crazy few days around here!

I usually draft my new blog posts in the evening while dinner is cooking and Zach is at work/the gym.  On Thursday, I decided to make Shrimp Alfredo and Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  Yum!  I had my shrimp thawed and had already made my biscuit dough and was getting ready to put the biscuits on a baking sheet.  I reached into the drawer under my stove, and I found mouse droppings.  Not just one or two.  Several.  I immediately freaked.  I don’t do rodents.  So, after having a good cry, I started looking for more evidence.  And, there was plenty more – under the kitchen sink, behind the refrigerator, in the laundry room, and den.  Gross.

After reading online that mouse droppings and all the nasty things in it can be dangerous to mom and baby, I immediately called my dad and asked him if Penny and I could come stay the night.  Then, I called Zach over and over and over and over again.  When he finally called me back, I had already started packing my bags.  He turned into super dad and super husband mode and stayed up until after midnight disinfecting all the mousey surfaces and setting up bait/traps.  I helped for a while then I headed off to mom and dad’s to escape the bleach/chemical smell and all the nasty mouse diseases I was sure I was going to pick up.  I’m pregnant so I’m allowed to overreact 🙂

On Friday morning, we did catch one little mouse.  So far, no more evidence has been seen.  But I know as soon as I put everything back where it was and start decorating for Christmas, they will come out to play again.


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One response to “Slacking on the Blog Front

  1. Sue Dunlow

    I hope the unwanted furry friends stay away…far, far away! Keep us posted!

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