Words of Hope

I  just wanted to share a few passages from a devotional I read a few nights ago.  I bought the One Year Book of Hope devotional by Nancy Guthrie last year shortly Hannah died.  I’ve opened it a few times and read entries here or there, but I’ve just started going through it day by day.  So far, I love it….it’s definitely what I need.

“Grief is different for the believer than it is for those who do not know Christ – at least it should be.  Actually, death is the great revealer of what we really believe and of how much we value resurrected life after physical death.”  

“His were tears of compassion for Mary and Martha, and tears of determination, perhaps, to finish the work he came to do, to win a victory, once and for all, over the power of death.  It breaks the heart of God that death has so much power to hurt those he loves.  Look here and see tears on the face of God, because he feels the hurt and emptiness that death leaves in its wake, and he longs with us for the day when death is destroyed forever.”

These two passages have stuck with me the past few days, and I felt the need to share them with you.  This is a devotional for anyone dealing with any kind of loss, but really, this is a great devotional for anyone who wants to experience the hope found in having a relationship with Jesus.  I can’t explain the peace and joy that I have had and continue to have in my heart throughout the past 10 months.  I know by spending the next year focusing on passages of hope found in God’s Word that unexplainable peace will continue to grow.


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  1. Devyn

    Thank you for sharing, and I pray for continued peace for you.

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