An Unexpected Weekend Getaway

I’m writing this post from a place I was kind of hoping not to see for another 2 months…a hospital bed.  I mentioned in a previous post about having placenta previa and the risk of bleeding, but I was really hoping to make it through my pregnancy without experiencing this problem.  I didn’t quite make it!

I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this to happen.  The majority of women with placenta previa experience some bleeding, but nothing really prepares you for actually seeing blood.  It’s scary!  And I’m really hoping this is the only time it happens!

I’m very blessed that the bleeding was not severe at all, and Noah is doing absolutely perfect!  I think at this point, especially with my history, the doctors want to be very conservative with their treatment.  Right now they just want to make sure this very small bleed isn’t the start of something more significant.  The way my doctor explained it was bleeding can cause irritation and cramping which can cause more bleeding and if things get bad enough, there’s a chance they would have to deliver Noah early.  Even though I am so ready to meet him, I’m not ready yet….and neither is he!  They are currently giving me steroid shots to help his lungs mature just in case he has to come early.  I’m hoping they’ll let me go tonight after my last steroid injection, but it will probably be more like first thing Monday morning.  By the way, those shots hurt….they are no joke!!!

I was afraid being in the hospital again would be difficult.  I just wasn’t sure how I would handle it, and I kept telling Zach on the way here, “I’m just not ready!  This is getting too real!”.  Honestly though, this time is so different.  I’m currently hooked up to a monitor so I can hear his heartbeat and all of his movements.  It’s such a reassuring sound to hear that constant ‘thump thump thump’!  I’ve even heard him get the hiccups twice over the monitor which is very neat!  He’s a very squirmy baby and loves playing hide and seek with the heartbeat monitor!  We are constantly having to chase him around my belly to get the best reading.  I have a feeling Noah is going to be an active little guy 😉

Please pray that there are no more bleeding episodes and that we will both continue to stay healthy!  I know there is a reason this happened, and maybe God knows that Noah will need these steroid injections.  I really hope not.  I just have to trust that this is all part of His plan…nothing takes God by surprise!



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7 responses to “An Unexpected Weekend Getaway

  1. Cindy

    Praying for you Amanda, please rest, rest, and then rest! If you need any help at all please let me know.

  2. ROSE mary Gates

    Kristina and I are praying for you and your family… Please let us know if you need anything.. Love & Hugs, Rose Mary

    • Thank you Rose Mary! I will definitely let you know. Give those grand babies a great big hug from me….it’s been too long since I’ve seen them! I hope Kristina is doing well with her recovery too!

      • ROSE mary Gates

        Kristina is slowly coming along. Hope and pray that all is better for you all. BIG HUGS TO YOU FROM MADISON, JAKE, AND ME..

  3. April Klinger

    I had a feeling this was where you were. I hope that you are resting and doing much better. If it makes you feel any better, a close friend of mine had is same issue and she now has a perfectly healthy-no issues 9 year old boy. He was born at 34 weeks. Let us know if you need anything.

    • Thanks April! I am very glad to be home, and I will be back at school tomorrow! The goal now is to get to that 34 week mark and then just take it one week at a time. I’m still hoping to get to 39, but we’ll just have to see!

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