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Will You Be Watching?

This Saturday on Lifetime a new movie is premiering.  Now, I love Lifetime movies despite the predictable story lines and bad acting.  I can’t help it.

But I’m hoping this movie is different.  I’m hoping its relatable and authentic.  The movie is Return To Zero, and it’s about a couple whose son is stillborn at 35 weeks.  I’m hoping they get it right.  This is personal and I don’t want them to mess it up.  It is still a movie, so I’m sure there will be added drama, but losing a child and trying to survive life after is dramatic enough.

The couple in the story end up separating for a while after their son dies.  I’ve seen some reports online that the divorce rates for couples who lose a child is higher than those who do not.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I can see how it’s possible.  Moms and Dads process grief so differently.  Even though your spouse is experiencing the same loss, grief can be so isolating.  And heartbreaking.  It puts a serious strain on even the strongest marriage.

I’m not expecting it to be like looking into a mirror of my own experience because this movie is not my story, but I feel like there are common elements that can be found in all of our stories.  I have related on a deep level with several women who I have never met in real life through our shared loss.  I want this movie to honor our journeys.

I want it to show the gut-wrenching pain, anger, and denial.  But more than anything I want this movie to show hope, healing, and restoration.  I don’t know if it will reflect a Christian worldview, but if it doesn’t, please let me share this with you: Christ alone heals.  Yes, time may make the sharpness of the pain dull. Yes, a new child may bring laughter and a welcome distraction.  But, Christ alone brings true healing.  It’s that simple.  There is no other explanation.

I read this on a blog today and wanted to share because I love the wording.  It’s a beautiful image.  “God has her.  God has us.  He’s just holding us on different ends of eternity.”  I claim that promise because I know Jesus.  If you aren’t sure that you can claim that promise, please talk to me.  I’d love to tell you about my Jesus.



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