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A Laundry Tip

Last week, I was having a pig-out moment at my kitchen counter.  I LOVE crusty bread dipped in olive oil and herbs, and I was so excited to enjoy my little snack that I just stood over the counter devouring a pretty good sized piece of bread.  Not a very pretty picture!  About 5 minutes after I finished eating and washing a few dishes, I noticed I had 3 large drops of oil on one of my favorite grey cotton shirts.  I remembered seeing a tip online a few years ago about using baby powder to remove oil stains and decided to put it to the test.

First, I used a brown paper napkin (probably from Starbucks) to blot up the extra oil.  I always keep these in my car and bag because they are so much cheaper than the oil-absorbing sheets you can buy from the cosmetic stores, and they work just as well!  (Bonus tip!)  Then, I covered the oil spots with baby powder and kind of rubbed it into the stains.  I let it sit overnight, and the next day, you could see where the baby powder had absorbed some of the oil.  I shook off the extra powder and washed and dried the shirt like normal.  I was pleasantly surprised that my favorite grey tee was oil-stain free!

I’m not sure how well this tip will work on other fabrics, but it’s worth a shot.  I’ve had to take two t-shirts out of my closet and use them for cleaning and yard work because I couldn’t get out olive oil stains.  Does that mean I’m a mess in the kitchen/love olive oil too much?  Anyway, I’m excited to find something that works so well and is so cheap and easy!  Let me know if you have any good laundry tips!



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